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Chiropractic is so much more than simply a means of relieving pain. Ultimately, the goal of the chiropractic treatment is to restore the body to its natural state of optimal health. Since the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself and to maintain its own health, the primary focus is simply to remove those things which interfere with the body’s normal healing ability.

Chiropractors understand that one of the main causes of pain and disease is the misalignment and abnormal motion of the vertebrae in the spinal column called a subluxation. Chiropractic works by removing these subluxations in the spine, thereby relieving pressure and irritation on the nerves, restoring joint mobility, and returning the body back to a state of normal function.

The chiropractic approach to healthcare is holistic, meaning that it addresses your overall health. It recognizes that many lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, rest, and environment impact your health. For this reason, chiropractors recommend changes in lifestyle’ eating, exercise, and sleeping habits in addition to chiropractic care.

We strive to give the best care possible, if you would like to come visit our office or have a question for our knowledgeable team, please call us at (616) 538-2200, or email questions to info@gillischiro.com

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Dr. Benjamin Gillis

Chiropractic Physician & Founder

Dr. Benjamin Gillis grew up in Escanaba, Michigan. He graduated from Lake Superior State University where he played basketball. He graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic and opened his own practice in Wyoming, Michigan. Dr. Gillis shares in his enjoyment with his wife, Krista and two young children, Kinley and Brooks. When he isn’t outside or at the park with his family, you will often find him playing a round of golf with friends.

Dr. Adam Greenman

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Adam Greenman grew up in Brighton, MI. He graduated from Hillsdale College where he played football and ran track for 5 years. From there, he attended Sherman College of Chiropractic and has been in practice ever since. He opened up his own clinic in South Carolina before deciding to move back to Michigan with his family. Dr. Adam enjoys spending time with his wife, Chrissy and two children, Brooke and Tyler. Since moving back to Michigan, they have much appreciation for the changing seasons and keep an active lifestyle throughout the year.


Ashley is our Practice Manager. Her focus is to educate our patients and the local community about the benefits of chiropractic care and how to live a healthy life. Ashley graduated from Grand Valley State University with degrees in Health Communications and Advertising and Public Relations. She enjoys interaction with all of those around her and watching lives change. Ashley loves being outside and being active. You will most likely find her and her husband, Seth and their son, Crew at the beach with their dog, Cannon.


Tammi is our Front Office Specialist where her cheery, helpfulness will assist you at Check Out. Her background in customer service does not go unnoticed by patients as she is always willing and able to give you the attention you deserve. Family is important to Tammi as she enjoys camping with her husband, Doug, and their 3 daughters, Ella, Grace and Isabelle.


Amanda is our Front Office Specialist where she is the first smiling face you will see at Check In. She graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Health Communications. People are her passion which is apparent as you will always feel welcome upon arrival. Amanda enjoys spending time at the gym and traveling around the state.


Madi is our Patient Advocate. Her focus is to educate our patients and help them find resources to live their best life. Madi earned her degree in Allied Health Sciences from Grand Valley State University. She finds joy in helping others realize their potential and witnessing lives change. Madi loves being with her friends, family and her dog, Frankie.


Hannah is our Rehab Coordinator where her passion for pushing people to their full potential is very apparent. She earned her degree in Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University. Hannah helps people to see the best in themselves and all that they can achieve. She lives an active lifestyle including working out, coming up with healthy recipes and cuddling her cat, Captain Midnight.


Meg is our Licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from Blue Heron Academy where she studied Medical Massage and Manual Therapy in 2008. Meg uses a gentle hand to find the comfortable pressure for each client to promote deep, relaxed breathing while increasing circulation and promoting proper musculoskeletal alignment. Meg loves doing yoga when she is not spending time with her husband, Eric and young son, Oscar.


Jillian is our Licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from Blue Heron Academy where she studied medical massage, acupuncture and cupping. Her specialties include work with the legs, hips, and facial/sinus treatment. Jillian loves spending her free time reading an array of books as well as visiting with family out of state.

We have helped our patients with:

• Back and Neck Pain
• Headache / Migraines
• Scoliosis
• Postural Deformities
• Shoulder Pain
• Fatigue
• Trouble Sleeping
• Low Metabolism
• Allergies
• High Blood Pressure
• Acid Reflux / GERD
• Asthma
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Frozen Shoulder
• Disc Herniation

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